Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche


Make an appointment with us. Should you not live in Berlin or the surrounding area you can also arrange to speak with us on the telephone. We will then analyze your request. Generally, we are able to give a preliminary assessment during the first consultation.

If you have legal protection insurance, which will cover the costs for our activities, we will charge our costs for the initial consultation directly to your insurer. Your risk is therefore limited to a possibly agreed excess payment.

Initial Consultation Fees

The initial consultation can also be settled using a consultation certificate. Whether the conditions are fulfilled for this consultation support must be clarified by you in advance with your responsible District Court.

In all other cases the initial consultation is settled with a flat fee of 50 € to 100 € exclusive legal VAT, depending on the consultation length and type and whether comprehensive treatment documents were already viewed during this initial meeting.

Legal Protection Insurance

Should we come to the conclusion that your request should be followed up, we will contact your legal protection insurance to ensure that they will cover all costs out-of-court settlement or if required court proceedings also in the case of medical liability. Even though many patients may think so: medical liability is not excluded from a “normal” private legal protection insurance.

Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche
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