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Damages in Relation to Pregnancy and Birth

A further focus of this law firm is the representation of cases where injuries have resulted from the birth process. This includes representation with regard to errors in relation to the following:

  • prenatal care
  • prenatal diagnostics
  • fertility treatment
  • birth process

We look after cases that resulted in (severe) damage to the child but also where complications or damages resulted for the mother, such as uterine rupture, preeclampsia/gestosis, RH factor incompatibility.

The birth of a severely disabled child is a catastrophe for the parents. In addition to the worry about the child comes the worry about the economic future of the family, especially in relation to the care for the child, especially at a later stage when the parents, due to their age, will be unable to care for their adult child.

We help you to consequently enforce your child‘s entitlement to compensation if a medical treatment error exists. With the help of medical experts we examine the whole pregnancy and birth process, this includes prenatal care, the so-called common risk factors for mother and child, premature amniorrhexis, the exact birth process, here especially the CTG recordings, examinations that have been carried out, sonographies, if applicable the induction of labor, possible indications for caesarian delivery etc. We also check whether there has been an error in relation to the organization of the obstetric department and whether responsibility for the treatment error results from this.

If our examination concludes that certain actions or omissions by responsible participants during the pregnancy or birth process caused the damage to the newborn, this must now be proven and great financial damages ought to be enforced.

We offer you competent legal advice and support in order to prevent lapse of time (prescription) and secure the life-long care of your disabled child. This includes the calculation of the total damage, which is not only comprised of compensation and the costs of the many required treatments, but also includes an ongoing maintenance allowance for additional needs, the possibly required expenditure for re-construction and adaptation of the living environment and a future disability pension and many additional expenses as part of the total damage.

We also firmly enforce damages for medical treatment errors that caused injuries to the mother. Generally, compensation for suffering and loss of earnings can be enforced in these cases.

Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche
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