Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche

Occupational Disability

The private occupational disability insurance should cover the risk that is presented should one not be able to carry out one’s profession anymore. Often the occupational disability insurance is combined with life assurance.

An entitlement arises when occupational disability in accordance with the insurance terms occurs. The term “occupational disability” is hereby defined differently in the various contracts. Generally, it is understood to be a permanent, minimum 50% disability in relation to the learned and practiced profession. Is the occupational disability below the 50% threshold, no entitlement exists.

In many cases this 50% threshold between the insured and the insurer is the point of contention. Hereby it is often the case that experts provide various different assessments/opinions. Therefore professional consultation with a specialized lawyer makes sense from the outset.

Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche
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