Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche

Accident Insurance

The private accident insurance should protect from financial risks that could be incurred after an accident. Various different benefits can be agreed with private accident insurers. Typically these include:

  • a disability benefit (payment of a lump sum)
  • a disability pension
  • daily allowances or hospital allowances
  • convalescence allowances
  • payments in case of death

Due to the usually very high amounts, especially in cases of disability, there are often problems in relation to regulating relevant applications. Often the insurer refuses to pay the benefit pointing towards a variety of exclusions. Such exclusions are for example pre-existing illnesses and exclusive periods. For this reason legal support should be availed of immediately after an accident in order to meet deadlines set by the insurer and provide notification requirements in time. Even the term “accident” can be the focus of argument. An accident is defined as a sudden incident, which from the outside affects the insured and leads to an involuntary damage to health. It can be argued whether breaking a bone tripping or stumbling presents an accident or not. Differentiated case law is available in relation to this.

Bewertung der Kanzlei Heynemann durch die Wirtschaftswoche
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